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Merry Christmas, happy holidays to all Irrelevants all over the world.


Merry Christmas, happy holidays to all Irrelevants all over the world.

Can we just talk about young Harold and his daddy for a second?

They could have gone so many ways with this. They could have made Harold resentful of his dad, because Harold had to stay with him and look after him more and more carefully. They could have made his dad resentful of Harold, for having a brilliant mind as opposed to his own weakening one, or just for being “different” from everyone else with his genius. They could have had Harold hate the farm life and be mad about that. They could have had him and his dad mad at each other for any or all of these reasons, and choking down their resentment to fulfill their obligations to each other.

Instead, we got this amazing dad, and we saw young Harold as this kind, loving son, with both of them willing to sacrifice everything for each other, and it was just so sweet … and wonderful … and … 

I’m so happy that they did it this way.

(Thanks to gentle-liferuiner for the caps.)

We save lives.

The books of season 3


I couldn’t see the book Root was reading, but the books on the table are …

  • Freedom by William Safire (on the Civil War)
  • The Year of the Barricades: A Journey through 1968 by David Caute
  • The Secret War — I can’t make out the author’s name

Apparently Root was in a revolutionary mood. No good can come of this … 

(Thanks to multiprises for the screencap.)

ETA: @pediaofinterest, on Twitter, informs me that The Secret War is by Francis Russell. Many thanks for the help with that!

How cute is it

… that Lionel Fusco was named after a lion cub?


(because I’m seeing a LOT of those “I’m mad at Finch” comments and it finally got to me) Consider how much of threat Root’s proven herself to be, to FINCH especially. Just because The Machine ‘trusts’ her doesn’t mean he has to, nor does her helping them find Reese dictate they all be best buds~

Also, just because she returned to the library of her own free will does NOT mean she is 100% ‘on the team’. She still has her own agendas (set up by TM no doubt), and she’s still dangerous, even more so than usual because she has TM standing behind her, which she’s proven time and time again by naming off facts about the people standing in front of her, as if she were reading them from a book.

Lest we forget: Root kidnapped this man. She cut his hand. She tied him up, killed a man in front of him, and threatened him and everyone and everything he cared about. She frightened him so badly he couldn’t even walk outside without a panic attack. She keeps taunting him with the fact that his enormously powerful Machine has a mysterious agenda that she’s serving, while he doesn’t even know what it is and can do nothing to monitor the situation. She’s dangerous, unbalanced, ruthless, and destructive, not to mention annoyingly smug.

And he’s supposed to, what, fling wide the gates and have tea and crumpets with her in the library?

I don’t know what people want from Finch, sometimes. I really don’t.

The Devil’s Share





Elias and Scarface finishing the job:


Don’t you try that innocent and helpful act, girlie. I am ON to you. I don’t care if you had a Pet the Dog Moment (oh my Lord, ENOUGH with the Pet the Dog Moments on this show!). I do not trust you for one single second, so WATCH IT.

Oh, and Taylor — poor precious Taylor …


Can we appreciate Michael Emerson’s acting? “I’m the guy that’s going to catch you when you fall.” “I’m not very good at this.” Even freakier is the fact that it wouldn’t sound strange coming out of Reese’s mouth.

Fandomwide Hug





Stay strong, Irrelevants.

And may The Fusco be with us …. when tonight is over