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If I get one more e-mail from Tumblr saying, “Your dashboard is literally on fire!” I will not be held responsible for my actions.

Why the Machine wouldn’t let Harold choose his own new identity

This is how it would have gone.

Harold: Ostrich?

The Machine: No.

Harold: Eagle?

The Machine: NO.

Harold: Penguin.

The Machine: Harold, are you starting to see a pattern here?

Harold: I don’t know what you mean. How about Thrush-Nightingale?

The Machine: HAROLD!


I wonder what is says about me that I am mourning the loss of the ‘library as homebase/batcave/fortress of semi-solitude/sanctuary’ more than anything else I might see tonight?

I hear that. :-(

I tried to quit. But some jackass told me I needed a purpose.
~~ John Reese, SE323, to Harold Finch (via eyesofwitt)


No but John Reese and the fact that he’s not just a James Bond archetype spouting oneliners he got from a manual but being a real, adorable, complicated person

John Reese who likes sprinkles on his donuts

John Reese who loves his dog but will try anything so he won’t have to dry him after a…

Poor Finch, being put on trial with all those hooligans.

Poor Finch, being put on trial with all those hooligans.


Finch’s selflessness is what I love most about him, but I’m seriously afraid it’ll get him killed someday.

You Hear That? That’s the Sound of Every POI Fan’s Heart Breaking

-This moment was always looking for me, I have to accept it. There was no other way.
-Keep yourself alive Harold, we’ll be coming for you.